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A happy employee is a productive employee. The Oligo team has the expertise in developing effective compensation programs that can increase workplace sanctification and productivity. We will work with you to review your current wage structure and benchmark that against industry standards to help make sure your employees are paid at or near their market value.

We can help you review and assist orginisations who feel they may have pay disparity issues between long-tenured staff whose wage maybe lagging behind the market value being offered to new hires. We can also help benchmark wage and benefit ranges for companies that are expanding and creating new positions.


A full consultation with Oligo will help your organization develop effective benefit programs that increase workplace productivity and satisfaction. We work with organizations to take a fresh look at their total benefits offering.

We can help execute internal surveys on the employees to learn what is really valued by the people on the ground, for example better medical coverage vs retirement plan. This helps companies realise where their money is best spent.

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HR Outsourcing is generally an assigning of the whole or specific HR activities to a specialized professional other than the in-house HR department. Based on firm needs you can take the HR Outsourcing services & focus on growing your business while we handle the rest.

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