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Prosoft is a very powerful, popular, and complete Human Resources Information System (HRIS). Implementing Prosoft within your company can help ease the overhead of managing HR especially in growing or large organizations.

However, like with most software, there will always be a learning curve when starting off – fret not Oligo is here to help!

We offer implementation and setup of Prosoft along with a tailored training program; however, we know from time to time a little self-help is all that is needed! With that said, we have put together a set of helpful Prosoft guides for you that covers a lot of the Prosoft basics.

Prosoft Personnel

  • Create New User
  • How Admin can Reset User Password

Prosoft Payroll

  • Allowance Summary – Create Your Payroll Report
  • Global Update – Transactions Update

Prosoft Leave

  • Earn Process for Leave
  • Global Append – Additional Earned Leave
    The Global Append option allows the user to globally append/delete of leave for all the employees, without the need for user to key in the transactions individually.

Prosoft Attendance

  • Shift Creation
  • Roster Form Export to Excel

Prosoft Claims

  • How to Create a New Claim
  • Claim Earn Processing

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