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The Only HRMS You'll Need

Explore Oligo's Complete Human Resource Management System.

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All-in-one software solution that simplify HR tasks, payrolls,
staff benefits, performance management & is SOC1 & SOC2 compliant.

Payroll Automation

Our system enables accurate and timely salary disbursement, automatically calculating deductions, taxes and benefits in compliance with local regulations. Say goodbye to manual calculations and embrace efficiency.


Streamline your payroll processes with Oligo’s Payroll Automation service.

Employees Benefit

• Timely and accurate salary payments
• Transparent breakdown of deductions
• Access to payroll history

Employers Benefit

• Reduced errors in payments
• Streamlined payroll processes
• Cost savings on administrative tasks

Automated salary calculations

Tax withholding

Benefits deduction

Compliance with legal standards

Roster & Attendance Management

Our system enables accurate and timely salary disbursement, automatically calculating deductions, taxes and benefits in compliance with local regulations. Say goodbye to manual calculations and embrace efficiency.


Gain complete visibility over your workforce with the Roster & Attendance Management function.

Employees Benefit

• Fair distribution of shifts
• Easy shift swaps
• Clear attendance records

Employers Benefit

• Optimal staff allocation
• Accurate labour cost monitoring
• Minimised no-show and tardiness

Shift scheduling

Labour time tracking

Absence recording

Overtime management

Leave Management

Employees can apply for leave online, while managers approve requests with just a click. Our system tracks leave balances, accruals and provides a comprehensive view of leave trends for better planning.


Simplify leave administration with our intuitive Leave Management system.

Employees Benefit

• Easy application & approval process
• Real-time leave balance visibility
• Assurance of policy adherence

Employers Benefit

• Efficient leave planning
• Reduced unplanned absences
• Improved workforce availability

Leave application processing

Balance tracking

Policy enforcement

Holiday scheduling

Staff’s Expense & Claims Management

Streamline submissions, approvals and reimbursements through our digital platform. Our system enhances transparency, reduces processing times and ensures policy compliance.


Transform how you manage employee expenses with our Expense & Claims Management service.

Employees Benefit

• Quick and easy expense filing
• Timely reimbursements
• Digital recordkeeping

Employers Benefit

• Controlled spending
• Faster processing of claims
• Increased financial transparency

Expense submission

Approval workflows

Receipt upload capability

Reimbursement tracking

Performance Appraisal

Our solution offers customizable appraisal templates, goal setting and real-time feedback, enabling continuous performance monitoring. Foster a culture of achievement and growth with insightful evaluations and actionable insights.


Elevate your performance appraisal process with Oligo.

Employees Benefit

• Recognition of achievements
• Constructive feedback for improvement
• Personal development planning

Employers Benefit

• Identify top performers
• Align employee goals with company objectives
• Foster a culture of continuous improvement

Goal setting

Feedback collection

Progress tracking

Performance reviews

Employee Training Scheduling

Schedule training sessions, manage enrollments and monitor progress all in one place. Empower your employees with the skills they need to succeed and drive your company’s growth.


Organise and track employee development with our Employee Training Scheduling service.

Employees Benefit

• Professional growth opportunities
• Skills enhancement
• Career development paths

Employers Benefit

• Up-skilling of workforce
• ncreased job competency
• Alignment with business needs

Training program enrolment

Calendar management

Certification tracking

Skill gap analysis

Compensation Planning

Our system integrates performance data for informed decisions, ensuring fair and competitive pay structures that align with your business goals.


Manage and plan equitable compensation strategies with Compensation Planning tools.

Employees Benefit

• Transparency in compensation decisions
• Fairness and motivation

Employers Benefit

• Strategic management of expenses
• Competitive pay structures
• Supports retention and recruitment

Manage compensation strategies

Integrate performance data

Plan equitable pay structures

Ensure policy compliance

Talent Management

Enhance your workforce capabilities and ensure long-term success by aligning talent development with your company’s strategic needs, all while keeping your talent database secure.


Support recruitment, onboarding, succession planning, and talent retention with Talent Management tools.

Employees Benefit

• Clear career advancement pathways
• Career transition support

Employers Benefit

• Align talent with business needs
• Attract and retain top talent
• Enhanced talent management
• Strategic workforce planning

Recruitment tools

Onboarding support

Succession planning

Retention strategies

Insights & Analytics

Gain real-time data for strategic decision making, enabling better resource allocation and informed management decisions.


Utilise advanced analytics on workforce trends, productivity, and HR metrics with Oligo’s Insights and Analytics tools.

Employees Benefit

• Insights into career progression
• Performance feedback
• Personal development insights

Employers Benefit

• Data-driven decision-making
• Resource allocation planning
• Strategic future planning
• Enhanced HR management

Analyse workforce trends

Monitor productivity

Track HR metrics

Provide real-time data

Flexible Integration with Other HR Modules

Oligo’s platform is designed for seamless integration, allowing you to create a cohesive HR ecosystem. From recruitment to retirement, our flexible integration capabilities ensure smooth data flow between modules, enhancing operational efficiency and providing a holistic view of HR functions.

International Support Available

Local Country Tax Compliant

Our system is updated with the latest tax rates and rules, automatically adjusting calculations to ensure full compliance with country-specific tax laws, minimising risks and liabilities.


Oligo’s platform supports multi-language options, breaking down language barriers and providing a user-friendly experience for your global workforce. Empower your employees with a system that speaks their language, enhancing user adoption and satisfaction.

Local Country Support Team

Benefit from the expertise of our Local Country Support Team, available across Asia to assist with your HR needs. Whether it’s navigating local regulations or addressing system queries, our dedicated support ensures you have the assistance you need, when you need it.

Authorised Partners

Authorised APAC Unit4 Prosoft Partner

Authorised APAC Unit4 Prosoft Partner

Our trained consultants offer years of experience to implement, train and support our Prosoft customers.

Authorised APAC RecruiterPal Partner

Authorised APAC RecruiterPal Partner

Streamline hiring, enhance candidate tracking and improve recruitment efficiency with robust & user-friendly technology.

Authorised APAC Enboarder<br>Partner

Authorised APAC Enboarder

Enhances onboarding Efficiency, improves employee engagement and adapts seamlessly to any HR workflow.

Discover the Essential HRMS for Modern Organizations

Discover the Essential HRMS for Modern Organizations